My Photo Management Services: What Are They and Who Are They Suitable For?

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Photo Management Services are fairly new, and it can be confusing to know exactly what you might need. This article can help you decide which of my services are right for you.

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Over the years you’ve enjoyed taking pictures of who and what you love. You’ve probably kept those photos to remind you of special moments and milestones throughout life.

But keeping track of them can be overwhelming, especially now that we’ve had over two decades of digital photography. Combined with boxes and bins of printed photos, slides, and old home movies, it’s a big mess. You may be confused as to where to start, the best way to store them, how to keep track of them and more.

A little over a decade ago the photo management services profession was born just to help people like you with these kinds of problems. But it’s still new enough that many people don’t know what a photo manager can do to help them with their specific problems.

In this article I’ve broken down exactly what photo management services I offer and an example of who might benefit from each service. In this way you can see if any of my services might be of benefit to you so you can keep track of and enjoy your memories again and leave a meaningful collection for future generations.

Monthly Virtual Photo Management Workshops

My monthly virtual workshops give you a way to commit to your photo memory collection by committing to working with others. It will help you stick to a regular schedule of photo management tasks, especially if you don’t have that much time to dedicate to it right now.

It includes:

  • Accountability so you can make progress on your collection on a regular basis.
  • The ability to ask questions of me while you work, so you don’t have to feel stuck or confused.
  • The company of other family photo keepers who all share the love of family and family photos, even if we are all doing different things with our photos and memories.

The Workshops are perfect for sorting and organizing printed photos, organizing digital photos, and digital or traditional scrapbooking or album making. If you are struggling with finding the time and/or the gumption to work on your collection, then my virtual workshop will help.

It’s a low-cost option to get access to me, a professional photo manager, while making progress on your photo memories. The cost is $6 per event. Find out more here:

The Family Photo Keeper Academy

The Family Photo Keeper Academy is a subscription-based, membership learning community. It will give you the step-by-step guidance you need so you can finally tackle your 30 years of photos.

It includes:

  • Co-Working Virtual Workshop attendance at no additional cost, so you can make regular progress on your photo management goals.
  • A monthly Q&A session so you can bring all your questions to be answered, and I can share my screen and teach you how to do things that have been puzzling you.
  • Optional accountability emails so you feel accountable to someone else in order to keep moving on your own goals.
  • A private Facebook Group that functions both as a community and a learning center where all the content is organized by parts of the process.
  • A 10% discount on any of my other services listed below, good as long as you are a member, so you can get my one-on-one support with something you need.
  • Free access to my upcoming series of guides and trainings so you can pursue deeper instruction on parts of the process

The Academy is perfect for you if you don’t know where to start or don’t know how to make the best decisions for your photos. If you are someone who struggles with technology as well, then the Academy will teach you everything you need to know to feel comfortable with using it to manage your photos. The cost of the Family Photo Keeper Academy is $12 per month. Find out more here:

Pick My Brain Sessions

My Pick My Brain Sessions are designed to answer all your questions in one go. You might consider it “Photo Management Coaching.” It will help you get the answers you need to move forward on your projects.

It includes:

  • Access to a photo management expert (me) who can hold your hand and explain the tech in a way that’s easy to understand (so you don’t feel dumb and clueless).
  • Product and implementation suggestions so you can set and meet your own photo management goals.
  • A Zoom call so that we can share screens, if needed, and get to the bottom of whatever will best serve you.
  • The recording of the call so you can reference our discussion as many times as you need to.

A Pick My Brain Session is perfect for you if you’re comfortable working independently, but just need to get a bunch of questions answered. If you need to talk about the best way to do something, or which products and services will best meet your needs, then a PMB session will help. There are 4 session lengths (15 minutes to 1 hour) and the prices range from $25 to $80. Find out more here:

Remote Digital Sessions

A Remote Digital Session is best if you need me to show you how to do something on your computer, such as organize, move, or otherwise work with your digital photos. I do this over the internet using software that allows me to see and “drive” on your computer while we also talk on the phone. I show you exactly what to do, and then you practice it until you feel comfortable with it.

It includes:

  • The use of secure software that will only allow me to access your computer for the session and with your permission, so you don’t have to worry about unauthorized access
  • Training on what you want to learn and plenty of time for practice so you feel confident going forward.
  • The recording of our session so that you reference the training as many times as you need to.

A remote digital session is perfect for people who struggle with tech and need to see how it’s done and then practice it. If you have trouble understanding any aspect of digital photo organization, a Remote Digital Session will help you master the skills. There are two session lengths – 1 hour or 2 hours – and the prices are $80 and $160 respectively. Find out more here:

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Personalized Photo Management Plan

The Personalized Photo Management (PPM) Plan is designed to give you a curated list of resources specific to your photo memory collection. It will help you made the important decisions so that you can organize, preserve, celebrate and share your photo memories the way that you want to.

It includes:

  • A Zoom Call so you can tell me all about your photo memory collection and the goals you have for it
  • A Personalized Plan with links, resources, recommendations and more, delivered within 7 days so you can meet your own goals
  • 30 Days of Email support so you can reach out to solve problems or ask additional questions

It’s perfect for the DIY photo manager who wants all the information out there curated for them, their collection, and their goals. If you struggle with figuring out which tools, resources, and services to consider, then the Personalized Photo Management Plan will help. It will give you what you need to manage your photo memory collection on your own. The cost is $160. Find out more here.

Media Conversion

Although I do provide some photo, document and slide scanning, I generally recommend that all media conversion be done through a third party, FOREVER. I did a lot of research before settling on them, and it’s where I have my personal memories digitized as well.

Their services include:

  • Digitization of photos, slides, tapes, film, and so much more so you can enjoy your memories again.
  • US-based facility in Green Bay, WI so your memories never leave the continent (unlike several other services).
  • Three-way tracking of your package through FedEx as well as constant tracking within the facility so you can know your memories are safe.
  • Triple-check quality control so you know that your digitized memories will look their absolute best.

This service is perfect for you if you have old photo and movie formats that you can’t enjoy anymore, scrapbooks or photo albums too big for your scanner, or if you’d rather not scan your photos yourself. The cost varies by item and quantity. Find out more here.

VIP Done-For-You Photo Management Services

My VIP DFY photo management services allow me to manage your entire photo memory collection according to your wishes. I do all the work and you reap the all the benefits.

It includes:

  • A customized plan based on your collection and your goals so you’ll know everything that will happen.
  • Weekly or Monthly reports, as you desire, so you can keep updated on the progress of your precious memories.
  • Organization of all your memories, printed and/or digital so you’ll be able to find any memory quickly when needed or desired.
  • Digitization and preservation of your memories, including a backup plan so you’ll know that your memories are safe now and for future generations.
  • Creation of photo books, keepsakes and displays, if desired, so you can celebrate your memories in your home as well as share them with family and friends.
  • A maintenance plan, if desired, so that new photo memories are incorporated into your photo hub properly and in a timely manner.

My VIP Done-For-You Photo Management Services are perfect for you if you want it done but don’t have the time or patience to do it yourself. Because this is a long-term project, and every collection is unique, the cost is figured in half-day sessions. One half day session costs $320, and is paid in advance. The price per session goes down when sessions are purchased in bulk. In addition, you can purchase up to 2 half-day sessions per week or up to 8 half-day sessions per month, as you desire.

Because each situation is unique, and I can only work with a couple clients at a time, this service starts with a free call so that everything can be figured out in advance of payment.

What’s Next?

Now you know exactly how my photo management services can help with your photo memory collection. And you can easily pick which one you need. If you still have questions, I’m happy to help. Book a free, non-salesy call by clicking the button below. I’d love to speak with you about your precious memories and help you any way I can.

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