But you haven’t seen them in years!

You’re an overwhelmed family photo keeper. Throughout your life you’ve taken photos and videos of who and what you love: your family, your pets, your vacations and more. But there’s no organization and they’re all over the place – on your phone and computer, in boxes and bags, in the basement, in the attic, on the walls, and even on old electronic devices and storage media.

If you’ve ever lost your phone, you know you care way more about the lost photos of your kids or grandkids than you do about the lost phone.

There’ve been times when you needed a photo for an event, or you just wanted to see it again. But whether it’s printed or digital, you can spend hours looking and still not find it.

Much of your children’s childhood is on home movies, video tapes or slides, and you can’t even view those anymore.

You may have even inherited photo memories from your parents or previous generations. As much as you value having them, that just made things worse!

You worry about losing photos to fire, flood or a computer crash. You worry about future downsizing or leaving a mess for your kids to clean up. Heck, you’re not even sure your kids want the photos.

You know you SHOULD do something about it, but you’re not sure where to start, and it all seems so overwhelming.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

“Through working with Fancy I’ve achieved some digital organization, photo restoration of my husband’s childhood photos, and best of all, media conversion. All the old video content which was no longer viewable is digitized and on a flash drive. I will be able to give my children copies of soccer games, graduations, and many events from their childhood.”
Ellen N.
Registered Nurse, Retired

I can help you access, enjoy and share your photo memories now as well as leave a meaningful collection for future generations.

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I Believe…

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I believe that photos and memories from our past should enrich the present as well as inspire hope for the future.

I believe your photo and memory collection should bring you joy, not stress. After all, you took those pictures for a reason – you knew you wanted to savor those moments later and share them with others.

I believe that all you need are the right tools, resources and help to go from overwhelmed family photo keeper to memory preservation master!


Imagine feeling only peace and joy when you think about your photo memory collection because you know that all your memories are backed up and stored off site so that they are safe in case of any disaster that might befall your home.

Imagine finding any photo you are looking for in a minute or two, whether you’ve gone all digital or kept your printed photos because your organizational system works with how you think.

Imagine having family movie nights, complete with popcorn, and laughing together over old times because all those important memories have been upgraded to modern formats.

Imagine knowing how to create meaningful photo gifts and books, quickly and easily – creating treasures for your treasured ones – to let them know how much they mean to you.

Imagine being able to leave a curated, meaningful collection for future generations that won’t add clutter to their homes and will pass on your traditions and legacy.

Learn how I can help make this all come true, whether you want to hand it all to me, or do the work yourself.

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Kind Words

“I found it easy to ask questions, and I didn’t feel intimidated by my lack of certain computer skills. All my photos are now in one digital hub and I can manage them on my own. We recently added a new granddaughter to our family. I had my iPad with me and was able to immediately pull up photos of her mother for comparison. The other grandma still hasn’t located her photos in boxes in the basement.”
Mary O.
Medical Doctor
“Fancy provides me with the perfect motivation and direction to accomplish my photo organization needs. I really appreciate her willingness to help me out with anything related to my photos. She is patient and knowledgeable and knows just how to explain this so I can understand. (Not an easy task as I am technologically challenged!) My most precious memories are right in front of me bringing me joy.”
Bridget G.
Speech & Language Pathologist

Hi, I’m Fancy – I’m a Family Photo Keeper

Since 2002 I’ve taught classes and workshops on organizing photos and creating meaningful photo albums. In the beginning it was all based on printed pictures, but as technology advanced, I adapted and taught about digital photo organizing and photo book creation. I loved teaching other family photo keepers how to create something that could be enjoyed in the present as well as be handed down through the generations.

Over time life got busier and I, as well as many of my clients, had less and less time to devote to memory keeping, yet our collections of photos and memories continued to grow. In 2014 my father became ill and I cared for him in his home in another state. Once he passed, I cleaned out his house and brought home at least 10 grocery sacks filled with photos still in the developer envelopes, my own childhood on slides, a few old photo albums, and a collection of digital devices and media that held photos and videos.

Since then I’ve taken what I already knew about photo management and combined it with new learning. I’ve been gradually turning my multi-generational, multi-media mess into a curated collection that I can enjoy now, share with extended family, and leave for my daughter and future generations.

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I’ve got:

  • background as a teacher – so I know how to explain things in ways that make sense,
  • Membership in The Photo Managers since 2013 so I stay up to date on all the latest research and technology,
  • Over two decades of helping others manage their varied photo memory collections, which I do best inside my Family Photo Keeper Academy.
  • My own collection of photo memories that I’m working on as well, so I’m right there beside you, traveling in the same direction,

… and a heart for serving my community.

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I’m Here for You

You CAN do this, and I want to help you get there. If you have any questions or even want to celebrate any photo management successes with me, I’d love to hear from you.

I’m here to give you all the help you need to manage your photo & memory collection, even if you don’t know where to start (or you’ve started and stopped many times before). I look forward to getting to know you!

You can contact me anytime or find me on Facebook. I’ve got a great group of family photo keepers there, and we all love to help each other.