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I Really Hate Digging Around for the Link I Need.


The Everything Page is where you can find an up-to-date list of, well, everything I offer in my business.

So whether you’re looking for a free resource, a product to help you DIY your photo memories, or you want to take a peek at the services I offer, you’re in exactly the right place.

Envision: Mindset & Planning

This Quiz and the resulting Personalized Scorecard will highlight where you are in your Photo Organization Journey across all three Key Areas. More importantly, it will provide instant, actionable steps so you can move forward on your goal.

 A quick checklist to guide you through the steps to get started on your 30 years of photos and memories.

 Join my free Facebook Group for even more support on your photo management journey.

Need to just talk it out to figure out where to start or ask questions about parts of the process? Book a free and non-salesy 30-minute strategy session. You tell me all about your collection and your goals, and I’ll tell you best practices and strategies to meet those goals.

The Family Photo Keeper Academy is a subscription-based, membership learning community. It’s filled with people just like you, family photo keepers with a lifetime of old family photos containing precious memories. The Academy will take you from an overwhelmed family photo keeper to a memory preservation master so you can enjoy your photos again and leave a meaningful collection for future generations.

If you are overwhelmed with your photo memory collection and have no idea where to start, this pack will help. It’s a bundle of 2 products – a video training to help you with goal setting and mindset around your photo memory collection, and a pdf e-book/workbook that walks you through essential decisions that should be made before starting the project so you don’t get stuck halfway through.

Archive: Organize & Preserve

This Quiz and the resulting Personalized Scorecard will highlight where you are in your Photo Organization Journey across all three Key Areas. More importantly, it will provide instant, actionable steps so you can move forward on your goal.

A 9-Step Tutorial which will guide you through the process of organizing and preserving your old family photos. The form is just a little bit down in this blog post.

Download my Organizing Photos Cheat Sheet to keep beside you as you work through your printed photos. Scroll down a little in this blog post to get to the form.

The Insider’s Guide is a collection of tips from professional photo organizers.

My favorite products and tools for organizing and preserving photos are all listed on my Tool Kit Page.

My 4-hour Co-Working WorkRooms are offered twice a month to help you have accountability, camaraderie, and help while you work on your photo memory collection.

These sessions are perfect for help getting you unstuck. Whether you need help with a specific tool or platform, or you need me to walk you through processes, these sessions will help. They are offered in different time lengths to fit any budget and need.

I am just putting the finishing touches on this course to help you get your lifetime of printed family memories under control. When you buy now you will get access to what is already there which will keep you busy for months! And as I add more lessons, you’ll get automatic access to those, as well.

Give the gift of peace of mind to a family photo keeper you know, or save up to hire me yourself. Family Photo Keeper Gift Certificates and Credits can be used for almost everything I sell directly.

A Remote Digital Session is best if you need me to show you how to do something on your computer, such as organize, copy, move, or otherwise work with your digital photos. I do this over the internet using software that allows me to see and “drive” on your computer while we also talk on the phone or video call. I show you exactly what to do, and then you practice until you feel comfortable with it.

Get all your digital photos and videos organized with this done-for-you service. It’s the solution to your digital photo overwhelm! Using remote access software, I can organize your digital photos (anywhere in the world) by either working on your computer or transferring your collection to mine so I’m not in your way. Your choice!

I can organize and preserve your printed photo collection for you. I’ll do all the work and you’ll get your printed photos returned to you in archival storage containers (if you plan to keep them) and a digital collection with a 3-2-1 backup plan. As every job is custom, I can’t quote a price, but I work in half day sessions which start at $320 and go down in price if purchased in bulk. Scheduling is based on your budget. USA only due to shipping requirement. Book a call to discuss this further.

Showcase: Celebrate & Share

This Quiz and the resulting Personalized Scorecard will highlight where you are in your Photo Organization Journey across all three Key Areas. More importantly, it will provide instant, actionable steps so you can move forward on your goal.

My favorite ideas for both meaningful and practical gifts with or for photos are all listed on my Gift Guide Page.

You scanned your photos or slides to preserve them, but the colors are just not right. Or maybe you have a precious photo that’s been damaged, torn, or has faded. I can fix that using digital technology and either return a digital or a printed file to you – your choice. I give estimates before every restoration so you will never be surprised.

This is the only cloud-based storage I recommend as the digital home for your family memories (photos, videos, documents, sound recordings). It becomes a heritable digital asset that will be handed down to future generations as your photo legacy. Your photos are also easily accessible and sharable from any web browser or mobile device.

The Photo Book Training is an in-depth recorded training covering everything you need to know to create your first photo book (and more) so you can revisit your precious memories as well as give meaningful gifts to others. You’ll learn how to plan out and create the perfect photo book every time. But most importantly, you’ll learn how to tackle the tech and finally start creating these wonderful volumes of family life!

I have been creating traditional photo albums/scrapbooks since 2002 and photo books (printed books created digitally) since 2006. I will work closely with you to make sure that the book is a meaningful tribute to an event, a year, a person, or whatever you would like to memorialize in a book, including the all-important stories about and behind the photos. Schedule a free call to discuss your desires. My time is billed at $80/hour plus the cost of the book(s).

Gift Certificates / Family Photo Keeper Credit

My Gift Certificates are offered in 4 denominations (USD) and they never expire. They can be printed and given as gifts, or they can be used to save up for higher priced services.

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