The Photo Book Training

Learn My 7-Step Process to Conquer the Tech and Create Your First Photo Book

  • Imagine being able to relive the memories of your last vacation, your wedding, or your grandchildren any time you want.
  • Or being able to give meaningful holiday gifts that you know will be treasured for many generations.
  • Or even being able to hand out copies of your family history at the next reunion.

That’s totally possible for you. And how do I know?

Because those are real-life results my clients have gotten once they mastered the process of planning and creating photo books to celebrate and share their memories.

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I’ve been making photo books since 2006. In the beginning they were OK, but not great. That is until I figured out how to plan them out in advance and use fiction-writing techniques. It’s this difference that can give photo books that WOW factor and make people want to go through them again and again.

How The photo book Training Can Help

No more wondering what to give the special people in your life for holidays, birthdays, and just because

No more being too paralyzed to even start because you’ll know exactly what steps to take and in what order

No more being afraid of the tech required to do what you want with your photos

Sounds like what you need in order to tell the stories in your family photos?

Then I have just the thing for you!


The Photo Book Training

The Photo Book Training is an in-depth recorded training covering everything you need to know to create your first photo book (and more) so you can revisit your precious memories as well as give meaningful gifts to others.

You’ll learn how to plan out and create the perfect photo book every time.

But most importantly, you’ll learn how to tackle the tech and finally start creating these wonderful volumes of family life!

Here’s Everything You’ll Learn Inside The Photo Book Training

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  • What a photo book is and how it compares to a traditional photo album or scrapbook
  • My complete planning process, including the following:
  • How to choose your topic and the photos that go with it
  • How to tell the story you want to tell
  • How to choose which photo book printer to use
  • How to know what size and format to order
  • How to use photo-book creation software
  • How to order, enjoy, and share your photo book

Don’t Take My Word for It…

“Fancy has helped me become more computer literate.  I don’t know a lot about technology and have some trepidation about it.  But Fancy has helped me learn new things and taught me in ways that I can understand and incorporate into my knowledge base.”
Ellen N.
RN, Retired
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Hi There! I’m Fancy.

I’ve been a Professional Photo Manager for over 20 years. I have used my planning process to create meaningful photo books for my own family and to give as gifts. And I’ve taught other family photo keepers how to create their own photo books for over 15 years.

Now, I’ve bottled up everything I know about creating photo books in this in-depth training so you, too, can create meaningful ways to enjoy your memories.

What else?

Your Pass to The Photo Book Training Includes:

  • Everything you need to know to plan and create your first photo book.
  • Printable Handouts that can be used to plan all your photo books going forward.
  • Recorded video tech tutorials on different photo book creation platforms.
  • Lifetime access to the video recordings, slides, and handouts, including all future updates.

Ready to Preserve your Family History In a Meaningful way?

Get The Photo Book Training and discover everything you need to conquer the tech and preserve your family’s photos and stories.

The Photo Book Training is perfect for you if…

  • You don’t even know where to start and are afraid of the tech needed to create a photo book.
  • You have the desire to improve your photo management and tech skills.
  • You want to create meaningful and beautiful photo books for yourself and to give to others.

On the other hand, you might want to skip this if…

  • You already know how to make photo books and aren’t interested in the planning process.
  • You have no desire to make photo books.
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More Nice Words

“Fancy is a great teacher and I get the sense that she really enjoys helping others manage their photo collections.”
Shelia M.
Client Services Manager, Retired

Ready to Create a Meaningful Family Heirloom?

Buy The Photo Book Training and learn how to slay the tech and create family photo books that will be treasured by future generations

Frequently Asked Questions

My superpower is teaching tech without making people feel stupid. The bonus tech tutorials are specifically for people who find tech challenging. If you can navigate a website by following directions, you can create a photo book. And if you find you need extra help, you can get 1:1 help from me.

The training itself lasts around 40 minutes, including the Q&A session.

After the training, the process of planning and creating the photo book, including watching the tech tutorials, will probably take 4-6 hours. But it doesn’t have to be completed all at once.

You’ll have lifetime access to the training, the tech tutorials, the handouts, and more. I continue to improve and update this training, and all future updates are included.

The photo book platforms I showcase in the tech tutorials are all web-browser based so there is no software to download. You will still be able to use them from a tablet if that’s all you have.

The bulk of the training, as well as the handouts, will cover the planning process, including how to choose the right book format for your needs. If you’d like to learn more about that, you are welcome to attend. However, if you already feel you have a good handle on planning and making your photo books, then this training would not be a good fit.

No, I will only offer the recorded training. However, I will continue to improve it and update it.

If you didn’t find this training valuable, contact me by November 17th and I’ll refund your money.

Great! Use the chat box at the right bottom corner of this page and let’s chat.

Ready to Create Your First Photo Book?

Purchase The Photo Book Training and discover everything you need to create beautiful and meaningful photo books that will tell your stories for generations