Give Your Friends & Family (or Yourself) the Gift of Peace of Mind

A Gift Certificate or Family Photo Keeper Credit can help turn a photo mess into photo peace

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Do you feel like you’ll never get your photos organized, downsized, or in shape to pass on a meaningful legacy? Or maybe you know someone in that same boat (your parents? Aunt Marge?). Do you feel like you (or they) will never have the time nor money to really do what you want to do? A Gift Certificate or Credit may be the answer to your problem.

We take photos because we want to remember special moments. But when they are all jumbled in a box or on outdated media, then no one gets to remember. And chances are high that they will be tossed by future generations if left in that condition.


Imagine a perfectly organized and curated photo collection that is easily accessible and that brings joy to those revisiting the memories. All the photos, videos, old home movies and maybe even important family documents – all in one place that’s easily searchable, safe and secure. Imagine being able to find any memory quickly. And not just the photo memory itself, but the family stories as well.

A Family Photo Keeper Gift Certificate or FPK Credit can help make that happen, either for your recipient or for you. You can take the first steps now, even if you (or your recipients) aren’t quite ready to tackle that project yet.

Gift Certificates/Credit come in four denominations, they never expire, and they are stackable. This means you can purchase multiple Certificates/Credits over time and redeem them all at once. And they are always good for the face value amount, even if they were purchased on sale.

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WHAT Gift Certificates & Credits CAN BE USED FOR

Family Photo Keeper Gift Certificates and Credits can be used for any of the following products & services provided directly by me.

  • VIP Done-For You Services
  • Printed Photo Organizing
  • Photo & Slide Scanning
  • The Family Photo Keeper Academy
  • Photo Restoration
  • Digital Photo Organizing
  • Digital Products I’ve Created
  • Scrapbook or Album Creation
  • Slide show or Video Creation
  • Workshops
  • Pick My Brain Sessions
  • Email Consulting
  • Strategic Plan Preparation
  • Digital Courses I’ve Created

Whether you buy a Credit or Gift Certificates for yourself or someone else, your purchase is the first step toward being able to enjoy the photos now as well as leaving a meaningful collection for future generations.

HOW TO Purchase GIFT CERTIFICATES and/or credits

You can purchase in the dollar amounts to the right, and you can purchase as many as you like. Even if you buy these on sale, they will always be worth the amount printed on them, and they never expire.

After payment is made, you’ll be directed to download a PDF file of the Gift Certificate (requires the free Adobe Acrobat or other PDF reader to view/print). Print it out to present in person, or email it to your recipient. If you are buying credit for yourself, you don’t need to print it out or save it as I keep track of that.

The PDF can be printed multiple times, however it can only be redeemed once. Please write your name on any Gift Certificates you give as gifts so I can track their use. I will not honor any Gift Certificates I cannot track.

Choose a dollar amount to get started today.

“The best gifts in the world are not in the material objects one can buy from the store, but in the memories we make with the people we love. ”

— Amanda Boyarshinov, Author & Educator