Have you ever wished for someone to teach you how to organize photos?

The Family Photo Keeper Academy will give you the step-by-step guidance you need so you can finally tackle your 30+ years of photo memories

Everyone needs a little help sometimes

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You have a lifetime of memories – old family photos, slides, movies and memorabilia – in boxes and bins, and you don’t know where to start.
  • Twenty years of digital photos are scattered on a variety of computers, phones and electronic storage media, and you have no way to keep track of them all.
  • Your kids have either hinted at, or told you outright, that they don’t want all your stuff, including those precious photos.
  • The road ahead is shorter than the road behind, and you know you absolutely must deal with it, but it’s all so overwhelming.

You’ve ignored it for so long that all kinds of crazy thoughts start running through your mind:

Is it even worth the hassle?

If I do something with it, will my kids want it then? Or will they toss it out anyway?

If you’ve ever felt like throwing in the towel, you’re not alone!

It’s no surprise that most family photo keepers with 30 years of photos struggle with getting it all into a condition where they can both enjoy their photos and create a meaningful collection for their kids.

Here are some common beliefs that are keeping many people stuck.

I should Know How to Organize Photos

Photo organization isn’t rocket science or algebra, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Simple, yes. Easy, no. Unless you have some kind of librarian training, the task of coming up with an organizational system that suits both your brain and your particular collection is formidable. Especially when you are dealing with thousands of photos, many likely loose and jumbled, that you can’t look at all at once. And there are so many…. And there are feelings…. And slides and home movies…. It’s actually quite a complicated project, and not acknowledging that can create paralysis.

Because it should be easy, it won’t take much time

If that were true, you could whip it out in a weekend. But you haven’t. Because it likely isn’t possible. It took years for your collection to get into its current state. It won’t take years to get it out, but it will take more than a weekend. And deep down, you know that. And that might be what’s holding you back.

My kids can just deal with it

When you are gone they may take the boxes or albums, but then again, they may not. It’s a sad fact that photos are thrown away every single day. If not thrown away, they are often donated to thrift stores or sold on eBay or other online shopping platforms.

The truth of the matter is that your kids will be grieving your loss while adding dealing with your property to their lives. They may not have the emotional bandwidth to deal with disorganized or unlabeled memories. In addition, it’s well documented that in their stage of life, nostalgia, a natural human emotion, is weaker than it will be when they get to be your age. Continuing to ignore your photo memories is a disservice to your kin. Preparing them for your demise is an act of love.

If you’ve ever thought “I wish someone would just walk me through this,” you’re in the right place.

Introducing The Family Photo Keeper Academy

The Family Photo Keeper Academy is a subscription-based, membership learning community. It’s filled with people just like you, family photo keepers with a lifetime of old family photos containing precious memories. The Academy will take you from photo memory chaos in boxes and bins to an organized collection that will bring you peace and joy and is more likely to be welcomed by your children.

It’s where you can learn how to manage your memories, at your own pace, in a like-minded community. No more trying to figure this out on your own, or thinking you already should know how to do it.

In the Academy, you’ll learn how to manage all your memories – no matter the format – with easy-to-follow tutorials, proven systems and expert advice. Plus, you’ll have access to professional support whenever you’re stuck.



access to Expertise

Tap into my 20 years of experience as a photo manager, as well as the continuing education I receive in my professional organization, The Photo Managers.


I’m on the journey with you. You’ll get to look over my shoulder as I manage my own 3-generation collection for future handoff.

Community Support

In our Family Photo Keeping Academy Community, everyone inspires, helps and supports one another. You do not have to do this alone.

My Goal is Your Success

My only goal is to help you get your photo memory collection under control so you can both enjoy your memories now as well as leave a meaningful collection for future generations.


Nice Things People Say

Fancy is a great teacher and I get the sense that she really enjoys helping others manage their photo collections. Even if you don’t know where to start or what questions to ask, she can help you with a plan to make the project less overwhelming. She is easy to work with, has a sense of humor, and will help you tackle your photo mess.
Shelia M.
Client Services Manager
Fancy has helped me become more computer literate. I don’t know a lot about technology and have some trepidation about it. But Fancy has helped me learn new things and taught me in ways that I can understand and incorporate into my knowledge base. When I have a problem, she works to find the best solution for me.
Ellen N.
Retired R.N.
I had over 75 linear feet of photos in albums, frames and scrapbooks and I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. The task was so daunting I was overwhelmed. I don’t think I could have done this by myself. There might be newer technologies, but I think Fancy stays on top of trends and will implement them when they have a track record.
Jan B.

This Sounds Awesome, But Why Should I Listen to You?

Fancy will teach you how to organize photos

Since 2002 I’ve taught classes and workshops on organizing photos and creating meaningful photo albums. In the beginning it was all based on printed pictures, but as technology advanced, I adapted and taught about digital photo organizing and photo book creation. I loved teaching other family photo keepers how to create something that could be enjoyed in the present as well as be handed down through the generations.

In 2015 I started offering scanning and other done-for-you services to help people get their photo memory collections in order. But I noticed that there was a large group of people who wanted to organize their own photos, but didn’t know where to start, or who started and stopped many times over the years. I tried to support them through my blog articles and email tutorials, yet I often felt I wasn’t having the impact I wanted. I wasn’t really helping them get it done.

I created the Family Photo Keeper Academy after surveying my community how I could best help them meet their photo management goals. It turned out that what they wanted and needed was on-going support and accountability, easy access to get questions answered, short mini-trainings on parts of the process, and checklists and homework to keep them going. When I saw these survey results, I realized right away that an ongoing membership of sorts would meet these needs much better than any one-off teaching I could do.

More Nice Things People Say

Fancy provides me with the perfect motivation and direction to accomplish my photo organization needs. I really appreciate Fancy’s willingness to help me out with anything related to my photos. She is patient and knowledgeable and knows just how to explain this so I can understand (not an easy task as I am technologically challenged!). Without Fancy, my photos would just be sitting on my computer hard drive. Instead, my most precious memories are right in front of me bringing me joy.
Bridget G.
Speech & Language Pathologist
I had hundreds of family photos to scan so I could organize and pass them down to my children and grandchildren. I also had photos on my computer and phone that I wanted to organize as well. At first, I was a little hesitant because Fancy’s expertise was with PCs, not Apple products, but we got through that, and I was very pleased with the results. It was easy to ask questions, and I didn’t feel intimidated by my lack of certain computer skills. All my photos are now in one digital hub and I can manage them on my own.
Mary O.
Medical Doctor
As I worked I could ask for help which kept me going forward on my task instead of feeling frustrated and giving up. I’m off and running with my projects and if I have another question I’m either writing it down, emailing Fancy, or will ask at the next monthly meeting I attend. Meeting with a true professional who wants me to succeed is a big benefit.  There, at the meeting, are others who have questions and answers and everyone helps everyone else…so the camaraderie is nice right from the start.
Judy Neilson


  • To be able to find any photo memory you wanted in a quick moment.
  • To know that your memories are preserved, protected, and no longer at risk for damage or loss.
  • To be able to enjoy surrounding yourself with memories that matter.
  • To have your collection in a format that future generations are likely to look forward to viewing and receiving.
  • To know that your values and traditions will be passed down to future generations.
  • To find it easier to downsize (if and when that time ever comes).

How fabulous it would be to go from the chaos of photos and memories everywhere to an organized and curated collection that brings you only peace and joy.

Sound good?

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably could find all this information on the internet. Let me ask you – do you have the time to do that? Has it helped you make progress so far? A key component of the Academy is the community support and the accountability, neither of which Google offers.

My superpower is teaching non-techy people how to use the computer without making them feel dumb. It’s the one thing I hear the most from my clients. Maybe it was all those years teaching preschool, I don’t know. I’m very patient. I’m willing to help you master any tech you need to know to meet your photo management goals.

Let me ask you – have you implemented what you learned so far? Have you made great progress on your photo management goals? If so, then the membership may not offer you anything more that you need. However, a key component of the Academy is the community support and the accountability, neither of which a course or book can offer you.

No, it is not tied to any particular product or vendor. I do have affiliate relationships with many different products and vendors in the photo management field, but I usually only recommend products that I’ve used and believe in. And, if I do make a recommendation for a product that I haven’t used, I will state that. I also often recommend products I have NO affiliate relationship with. My goal is to help YOU meet YOUR photo management goals. So any product recommendations I make will be tailored to your needs, not mine. I win by helping you win.

Contact me and I’ll get back to you with the answer.

That’s, of course, your decision, and if you have absolutely no time to spare for getting ready to tackle your photo memory collection, you probably should wait. If, however, you want to get started on the smaller tasks now on the weekends, or you like to plan ahead, you may want to join before you retire. You will join at the price the membership is being offered for at that time.

If you join the Academy Facebook Group, you will have daily access to me. And even if you don’t, I’m always accessible by email, and I prioritize Academy Members over others who contact me.

As long as you remain a member, your monthly rate will stay the same. If you find you need to stop the membership for a little while, then when you come back, you will pay the rate that is being offered at that time. You will need to figure out which option is best for you at that time.

The monthly co-working workshop runs from noon – 8:30 pm Mountain Time. This is to accommodate different time zones. A few die hards do stay the full 8.5 hours, but most people come when they can and leave when they have to. We’ve even had someone from New Zealand attend these events in the past.

The monthly Q&A call is currently set for noon Mountain Time, however, that’s tentative until I see the needs of the members – as a community we can always move to adjust. In addition, these calls will be recorded. Both the recordings and the transcripts will be stored in the Facebook group, and made available to those not on Facebook. So even if you can’t attend live, you can submit questions ahead of time, and then watch the recording or read the transcript to get your answers.

ARE YOU READY TO commit to your photo memory collection?

Now you know how the Family Photo Keeper Academy can help you meet your goals for your photo memory collection. Ask yourself how much of a difference it will make to finally have this huge project off your someday list so you can really enjoy your memories again and leave a meaningful collection for future generations.

I love hearing how much people’s lives change when they finally commit to getting this done. I’ve had more than one client say to me that it was life changing, that it felt a weight had been lifted. I’d love it if you got to experience that, too.

You can make progress, one step at a time, one month at a time. All you need is a regular commitment and accountability, some guidance, and a supportive community.

Click the button below to sign up as a Founding Member for the low price of $12 per month. There’s no minimum number of months you must join, so it’s affordable enough to give it a try and see how it can help you with your photo organizing project.