Is My Black Friday Holiday Deal Right For You?

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If you need help getting your photo memories in order, then my Black Friday Holiday Deal is for you. Get my lowest prices of the year. I believe you can enjoy your photos now and leave a meaningful collection for future generations.

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You either love it or hate it, right? Yes, the Black Friday madness is approaching!

I used to avoid Black Friday like the plague. I actually celebrated “Buy Nothing Day” for many years. But then I realized that maybe my principles were biting me in the butt. I’m still pretty frugal, so I don’t go crazy. But I do take advantage of deals that will help me meet my personal and business goals.

In this blog post I am going to outline what my Black Friday Holiday Deal is all about.

I know you’ll have a lot of offers thrown at you during Black Friday, so this blog post will help you understand what the deal is (get it? 😁) and decide in advance if it’s right for you.

What’s My Black Friday Holiday Deal for Family Photo Keepers This Year?

My offer this year is all about helping you get started and to keep going. To help you take action.

You see, every day I get emails from people like you. They pretty much all have the same story – thousands of pictures in boxes, thousands of pictures on phones and computers, and no idea where or how to start.

I have a blog post and free checklist about how to start.

I have a blog post and free downloadable instructions all about the entire process of saving printed photos.

I have a blog post and free checklist on how to organize printed photos.

I have a blog post to help you create your own plan and roadmap for your own collection.

And yet, I’m suspicious that most of the people who read my free content and download my free handouts don’t.take.action.

I know they WANT to – they are family photo keepers, after all. They might truly be too busy. Or they might just be too overwhelmed. Or they just don’t commit to taking that first step, and then the next, and then the next.

I want to help them – I really do! But I can’t if they don’t take the first step.

I mean, they can always hire me to do it for them, right? But if that’s not an option, then they are going to have to take action themselves.

So that’s what my Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale is going to be all about. Making it easier for you to take action – to take that first step, and then the next, and then the next.

And I’m doing that by offering discounts and bundles on my hand-holding photo organizing events and products.

How Long Will My Sale Last?

The sale will run for four days only – Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

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Where Do You Find the Black Friday Holiday DealS?

Everything will be right here on the website on my Black Friday Cyber Monday page.

You can also find that page by checking the banner at the top of the page, or looking in the menu below that.

What Makes This a Good Time to Buy?

Again, this sale is about taking action on your precious photos and memories. And taking action isn’t priced this low any other time of the year. Even if you don’t get started until after the holidays, you will have made the commitment to yourself and your family that you are going to get this big project done! And depending on what you buy, you will also get my personalized help. I have almost 20 years experience helping people with their photos.

Are Other Photo Managers Offering Good Deals?

I honestly don’t know the answer to that question, but I do know how you can find out. If you go to The Photo Managers website, you can search for other Photo Managers there. Only certified Photo Managers are listed, so it’s not a complete directory. Many competent Photo Managers, such as myself, have not yet finished the Certification Process.

I also have two pages with recommended products from other sellers that are likely to be on sale for Black Friday and or Cyber Monday.

The first is my Photo Organizing Tool Kit page where I list an assembly of tools to help you with your photo organizing.

The second is my Gift Guide page where I list a collection of some of the best gift ideas for photos and gift ideas with photos – for those you love who love their family photos.

What Will I Buy on Black Friday?

I’m not totally sure yet. I have a few people I follow in the online business space, so if I see something I’ve been eyeing that’s on sale, I’ll probably buy it. Same if I see something I want for my website. I may buy another Digitization Box at Forever as I am working on that project right now.

One thing I know I will do is to renew my Plan to Eat subscription – they always have a 50% off Black Friday Sale. I have used this software since 2015 to plan, shop and cook for my family. Even though my subscription renews in March, I’ll buy now at half price and they’ll add it on the end.

What’s Next?

So there you go. That’s my Black Friday Holiday Deal. I know what it’s like to get caught up in all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday craziness. This blog post should give you everything you need to know about my offers, so you can make an informed buying decision that is best for you.

And if you would like to get my free “Getting Started Checklist” so you can start to make that commitment now, click the button below.

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