6 Ways Photos Can Connect Grandparents and Grandchildren

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Cherished photos can create lasting connections between grandparents and grandchildren. Deepen your relationships with your grandkids through sharing family photos and stories.

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This is a Guest Post by DeeDee Moore of More Than Grand

Photos have always been important to grandparents. We love sharing photos of our grandchildren with friends and coworkers (and even strangers on a plane!). Looking at our grandkids’ photos make us feel close to them when we aren’t together. Sharing family photos with them is a key way to teach them their family history.

But have you ever considered that photos are also a great way to build closer connections between grandparents and grandchildren? They can be! Here are seven fun ideas for using photos to create a stronger bond with your grandkids.

6 Photo Projects for Grandparents and Grandchildren

1. Memory Lane Scrapbook

Create a scrapbook filled with photographs from your own childhood and throughout your life. Include captions and stories to share your personal experiences, allowing your grandchildren to learn more about your life and the world you grew up in. Then help them make one about their life.

2. Picture Puzzles

Turn your photographs into jigsaw puzzles. You can use a service like those listed below, or just print a photo on cardstock and make your own puzzle with a pair of scissors! Give or send the puzzle pieces along with the photograph to your grandchildren and challenge them to piece it together. This is a great gift for long-distance grandchildren, especially if you use a photo of you with the grandkids.

3. Monthly Photo Challenge

Create a monthly challenge where both you and your grandchildren take themed photos. Share the photos with each other and discuss why you chose those
subjects. Exploring photography together will help you gain insights into each other’s perspectives, and bring you new things to talk about. If you live close to them, you can go on photo safaris together!

4. Personalized Calendar

Design a personalized calendar featuring family photographs. Choose photos that highlight special occasions, birthdays, and anniversaries. As the months go by, your
grandchildren will anticipate each new page and the memories that come with them.

5. Postcard Adventures

Turn your photos into postcards from your travels, adventures, or even just daily life. Send these postcards to your grandchildren along with a short message, allowing
them to virtually explore new places and experiences with you. Children love getting mail, and these personal postcards will both delight them and help them feel like a part of your life.

6. Family Tree Photo Display

Create a family tree using photographs of various family members across generations, including grandparents and grandchildren. Explain the relationships and stories behind each person. This visual illustration helps your grandchildren understand their family history and connections. It’s even better if this is a project you can work on together, even if it’s only over video chat.

What’s Next?

Remember, the key to building a strong relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is the quality time you spend together. These creative ways to use photographs can help you share stories, experiences, and emotions with your grandchildren.

For more ways to explore bonding between grandparents and grandchildren, visit More Than Grand.

For more ideas on things to make with photos, either for or with your grandkids, see this collection of articles.

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